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Do you love cooking and eating? Then the Food Committee might be the perfect committee for you! The Foodcie will be responsible for organizing three food-re-lated activities. One of the activities will be the OS-dinner for OS and GMSI stu-dents, with the professors of your study. The other two activities are free to fill in by the committee. This committee has been one of the most creative and fun committees of the previous years!

I want to introduce to you everyone from the FoodCie 2020-2021. Let's start with all our new POLIS members.

Lenne is our first freshman, she is in her first year of the OS bachelor. As a fierce competitor mostly during volleyball matches, we trusted her with the minutes. Let's see if her typing skills can compete as well during our zoom meetings.

Our next freshman is Sacha, she will be in charge of PR this year for the FoodCie. She is also in her first year of the OS bachelor. Her favorite activities are drinking wine and playing soccer, problably in that order as well I'm assuming.

Nienke is a first year GMSI student from Den Haag. She will be our treasurer this year, she likes cooking difficult recipes so she will be ready for all the challenges a balance sheet will throw at her. Her first challenge however was finding out how to deal with her limited student kitchen.

Our last new POLIS member is Renee, she is our chief of BaCo this year. Her astrology sign is aquarius which improves our chances of winning the BaCo greatly, depending on which horoscope you look at. She has bungeejumped once, not sure if that will be a BaCo task this year but 2020 has brought a lot of surprises already.

After all the freshman I will start introducing our more veteran POLIS members of the FoodCie. Starting with Jip, she is in her third year of the OS bachelor and has been enjoying her time in Tilburg. Jip will be our chief of drinks but since we didnt have any drinks yet I'm not sure if she is really qualified for this important position.

We have 2 extremely veteran POLIS members who problably know all the activities POLIS had over the last three years. Starting with Janneke who used to live in Schijndel (near Maaskantje). She is currently working hard to complete the extended OS master.

Next up we have Annelies, she is working hard to finish her Master degree in Tilburg. She also didn't send me any information to work with, which could be correlated with her currently leading our crosses leaderboard.

After introducing all the ladies we get to our very important coordinator Ramon. He is problably is the best (and only) baseball player of POLIS and depending on who you ask has the biggest biceps of POLIS.

To end I will introduce myself (Jort) a bit, I'm in my fourth year of the OS bachelor and just like my study I took some extra time to finish this introduction. I am definitely guilty myself of using 'het POLIS kwartiertje' a lot but problably gonna be less this year as chairman (I will try to atleast).

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