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Do you love cooking and eating? Then the Food Committee might be the perfect committee for you! The FoodCie will be responsible for organizing three food-related activities. One of the activities will be the OS dinner for OS and GMSI students, which will also be attended by the professors of your study. The other two activities are free to fill in by the committee. This committee has been one of the most creative and fun committees of the previous years!

Introduction of our Food Committee members! 

Zara; The fact that Zara has three kitchens in her dorm has only increased her love for cooking and eating. She has often been able to practice cooking for large numbers for her 15 housemates, which works out well for the FoodCie of course!

Marente; Marente loves food, especially eating it. In addition to her eating skills, she keeps good contact with our personal relations and she always has good and creative ideas that we can use in our committee.

Ramon; Due to the fact that Ramon has already done almost every committee, he knows almost all the POLIS members. Nice side effect: he can arrange lots of borrels! After his board year, he is fully prepared to make it a fantastic (second) year at the FoodCie!

Yanna; Yanna has a lot of experience with cooking, which we can use well within the committee! Her creativity is reflected in her task as a publicist, and she keeps track of our Instagram (follow us!! @Foodcie21_22).

Milou; In addition to the wonderfully clear schedules and minutes, Milou is always enthusiastic which makes the meetings even more fun. She is also a good chef, with delicious recipes.

Julia; Our beloved coordinator Julia is always able to help me steer everything in the right direction. Her great ideas contribute well to our events!

Isa; I have the honor of chairing the FoodCie this year, where we have already put together a fantastic event. I am really looking forward to our collaboration this year with fantastic people, to organize even more fun events!

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