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Do you love cooking and eating? Then the Food Committee might be the perfect committee for you! The FoodCie will be responsible for organizing three food-related activities. The first activity is free to fill in by the committee. The second activity will be in collaboration with the Culture Committee. The last activity will be the OS dinner for OS and GMSI students, which will also be attended by the professors of your study. This committee has been one of the most creative and fun committees of the previous years!

I will start with introducing Daphne, who is a first year POLIS member. Daphne is our Secretary and puts great effort in making the minutes and keeping track of who has any crosses. Her creativity runs free when coming up with random hidden words, and we’re always curious to see with what she comes up next. 

Next, we have Daniël. While this is also his first year at POLIS, he isn’t afraid to back down and took on not one, but two functions; he is our Treasurer as well as our Chief BaCo. Daniël has the important tasks of managing the financial business and making sure we score some valuable BaCo points (even though he sometimes forgets to send the challenges to us ;)).

Then we have our PR, Niek. Niek loves to cook and try out many different recipes, which is of course very important when being part of FoodCie. Even though he is one of the first-year POLIS members of this committee, he is very active within POLIS and tries to join as many events as possible. That’s the dedication we need!

Louise is our Chief of Drinks. Being a former board member and being the longest POLIS member of this committee means having great POLIS contacts and being able to organize many ‘borrels’ with other committees! Her experience also means that she can give a lot of valuable input, which is much appreciated. 

As a current board member, Myrthe is our helping hand. She is always able to keep her head cool under stressful conditions and knows what to add to the meetings to make sure everything is covered. Even though she has a busy schedule, she always has time to answer any question that someone (mostly me) has left. 

Finally, I will introduce myself. My name is Babette and I have the honor of chairing FoodCie 2022/2023. After being Secretary of CultureCom last year, I wanted to take on the role of chair. I might be a bit chaotic at times, but the event we had so far was amazing and I’m looking forward to the ones that are yet to come.

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