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The Excursion Committee organizes a two-day long city-trip to a destination of your choice! You can show everyone the interesting places of the city you’re visiting. The excursion is not only about sightseeing and partying, but you will also visit two local companies. The committee is free to choose what they want to organize! The excursion has been very popular since its establishment and takes place at the end of January or the beginning of February. If you like being a city guide, and exploring new surroundings with your POLIS friends, the Excursion Committee is exactly where you need to be!

Let me start by introducing Kiki, she is the Chief of Drinks of our committee. Last year Kiki was in de STiP, and this year Kiki wanted another travel committee, so she either likes to travel or just completely hates Tilburg. She can be a bit quiet sometimes, but that does not take away from the creativity she brings to this committee. As Chief of drinks she has already organized some memorable ‘borrels’ and we hope that there will be a lot more to come!

Next, we have Noa, she is our Chief of BaCo and the main reason that Excursion is always sharp at BaCo events and for BaCo challenges (I will keep her secret to myself, since we want to win the BaCo ;)). The always fashionable dressed Noa is very fun to have around, and she is almost always down to share a beer or a glass of red wine with you, although in case of the latter pay attention, because she can get very drunk.

Moving on to the Public Relations officer, or I should say officers. This year’s excursion committee is very lucky to have two very capable PR officers. The first one being David, this is definitely not his first year with POLIS and as a member of CultureCom last year he has racked up plenty of experience with formal and informal activities. In true POLIS fashion David would also not dare to shy away from a nice chug, so if you happen to have a beer on the excursion (of course you will) be sure to find him!

The other PR officer is Ties. I wanted to start his introduction by saying “for those of you who don’t know Ties…” but then I realized that it would be quite impossible for someone to not know Ties while being a POLIS member so scratch that. He is how we would say it in Dutch: as crazy as a door. When Ties is at an event or meeting (Sidenote; some emphasis on when! if he isn’t late or absent as a whole) he is the life of the party, the world will be a crazy place once Ties starts declining beer or hugs when he is drunk.

Moving on to Henk, our Treasurer this year. He is very capable in most things that he embarks on; studying, being treasurer, his dating life 😉 (I only presume of course) being SportCom chair last year, and this list also does not exclude drinking! Henk is down to earth and has bright ideas which makes him a perfect committee member.

Next up we have our Secretary and Vice-Chair Morris. As a veteran POLIS member by now, I do not have enough text to sum up his achievements. We know him mostly as the minutes master, as he continues to make us laugh and educate us on governmental structures with his minutes. Morris is a very great and funny guy, and I will let you in on a little secret; he told me his favourite chug is an adtje Twan. (Do with that information as you please).

This beautiful committee would not be complete without our lovely Coordinator Milou. To say that Milou bosses us around would be a small understatement… I am only joking of course; however, she does like to make her own rules and then break them, weird habit if you ask me. In all seriousness she does a wonderful job at keeping us in check and coordinating us through all our tasks if she is not to busy with ‘biechten’.

And then there is me as the Chairman. My name is Jord and I am tasked to lead this group of all star POLIS members and to make sure you guys have a great excursion. However, these wonderful seven people make my life very easy. I just need to finish my assignments on time (which this one definitely was). I hope to see all of you at events and especially at the excursion.