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The Excursion Committee organizes a two-day long excursion to a destination of your choice! You can show everyone the interesting places of the city you’re visiting. The excursion is not only about sightseeing and partying, but you will also visit two local companies. The committee is free to choose what they want to organize! The excursion has been very popular since its establishment and takes place at the end of January. If you like being a city guide, and exploring new surroundings with your POLIS friends, the Excursion Committee is exactly where you need to be!

Elke is the newbie of the group, since this is her first year at POLIS. She is now doing the premaster of organization studies which isn’t easy. Luckily, she is doing great and has some time left to be participating in our committee. She is our secretary and always makes the best minutes and comes with the most random hidden words which we love.

Fleur is our treasurer which is an important task in the excursion committee. No losses have been made yet on the balance sheet, so she is doing her tasks perfectly and we believe she manages to do that even after we spend our first money.

Rens does the public relations and is also our publicist. These two tasks makes his life busier than it already was but lucky for us, he always manages to finish his tasks. Filling in datumprikkers is sometimes still a challenge, but he edited a great announcement video, so we don’t mind.

Leanne is our Chief BaCo and keeps us motivated to do the challenges with her enthusiastic personality. During meetings, lots of great ideas come out of her and that makes us very happy as a committee.

Our Chief of drinks is Sam and this role is made for him. Unfortunately due to COVID, Sam hasn’t got the opportunity yet to organize some drinks with other committees but we believe that when it is possible again, we will drink lots of beers with each other.

We got very lucky that we have the Louise as the coordinator of our committee. Always happy and enthusiastic about the committee activities and despite her full agenda, she always makes time for us. And hopefully we can manage to do the teambuilding exercise before the end of the year, because we keep forgetting that.

Sem is the chairman of the committee, because next to schoolwork and playing at SHOT, she likes to spend her free time on  doing things for POLIS. Last year she had the most crosses of all committee members in both Lustrum and STiP, so hopefully this year it will be different.

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