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The Excursion Committee organizes a two-day long city-trip to a destination of your choice! You can show everyone the interesting places of the city you’re visiting. The excursion is not only about sightseeing and partying, but you will also visit two local companies. The committee is free to choose what they want to organize! The excursion has been very popular since its establishment and takes place at the end of January or the beginning of February. If you like being a city guide, and exploring new surroundings with your POLIS friends, the Excursion Committee is exactly where you need to be!

I will start with introducing Boris, he is our Chief of Baco. He is getting a bit old and keeps forgetting to send the BaCo challenges in our group chat (which is his only task). However, he is one of the oldest active POLIS members this year, so we forgive him for that. Boris has a lot of experience since this is the second time he does the excursion committee. He is always in a good mood and it is really nice to have him in this committee. 

Secondly, we have our Secretary, Nienke. She does a really good job at writing the minutes of the meeting and keeping track of the crosses. Nienke is also very creative and made this year’s logo for our committee, which turned out really nice! She is super involved in this committee and it is really good to have her. 

Next, we have Jaap. He is our Treasurer and luckily for us he is very experienced! Fun fact: he has been the Treasurer for the past three years! He does a really good job at keeping track of our costs and our budget. One thing he loves more than being a Treasurer, is drinking beer. Unfortunately for us, Jaap always disappears (quite early in the evening) whenever he has one beer too many or how we say in Dutch “even te diep in het glaasje gekeken”. Nevertheless, it is really fun to have him in this committee. 

Sascha is responsible for Public Relations. Last year she was the Secretary of POLIS, but one board year wasn’t enough for Sascha. This year she is doing a board year at IDEA and even though she is quite busy, she is really involved in our committee and shares some great ideas. She was also the first to mention that we still needed a committee shot! Which is highly necessary ofcourse. She is a real addition to this committee and we are happy to have her. 

Quinten is our Chief of Drinks. This task is perfect for him, because he knows a lot of POLIS people since he also is one of the oldest members that are still active. Quinten loves to drink a beer (or lots of them), but you won’t find him in a pub past 2 AM because this POLIS grandpa needs his sleep. During the meetings he is very talkative and he always comes up with great ideas for the excursion. 

Elise is the youngest of the group and our lovely Coordinator! She is always enthusiastic and up for something fun. She might be the youngest but she does an amazing job at coordinating this committee. She has some other great talents, which is acting, singing completely out of tune and drinking anything that contains alcohol. We can all see this in the lovely announcement video. For Elise, no question asked is too much and she is a really good helping hand for our Chairman. 

Lastly, I would like to introduce myself. I am Kiara and I am the Chairman of this year’s Excursion Committee. I try to keep everyone involved and make sure that the tasks are clear. This is my first year as Chairman, so obviously I sometimes forget some things. Lucky for me, I have really old and experienced committee members who can help me out now and then. So, I would say so far so good… One thing I do need to practice is chugging a beer (as we could also see in the announcement video). 

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