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The Excursion Committee organizes a two-day long excursion to a destination of your choice! You can show everyone the interesting places of the city you’re visit-ing. The committee is free to choose what they want to organize! The excursion is not only about sightseeing and partying, but you will also visit two local compa-nies. The excursion has been very popular since its establishment and takes place at the end of January.

Hello everyone!

This year I will introduce to you; the lovely members of the excursion committee!

I will first introduce to you our chief of drinks: Bas. He always has creative ideas, which is a good help when organizing fun activities online. He is very enthusiastic and positive. He is a blessing to our team!

Secondly is Tom, the coordinator of the excursion committee. He helps to keep an overview of everything that is going on and you can count on him to arrange cool things! During the meetings he is always fun and humorous, which is of course crucial :)

Next is Janneke, the first lady of the PR Duo. She is always in for a joke and fun to be around. With her social skills, she is perfectly suited for the PR role and I am certain that she will arrange great experiences with companies.

Fourth we have Milou as treasurer. She is responsible for keeping a close eye on finance while the other members make wild plans. She creates an overview which is crucial for our committee to function well. She is very sharp and positive which is of great value to our committee.

Maartje is the other half of the PR-duo. She is always cheerful and calm during meetings and is willing to make the extra phone call to get things arranged. She also has perfect social skills that will help us reach out to great organizations.

Anna is our Chief BaCo. She informs us about all the fun activities and comes with good creative ideas. She is always cheerful and active during meetings. Anna is very determined to win the BaCo activities this year.

Job is our secretary and responsible for, among other things, taking minutes. He is very good at hiding hidden words in the minutes, sometimes leading to frustration of others. He is very precise and comes with good ideas.

And lastly, I will introduce myself, I am Joy’l, but everyone calls me Joy. I’m the youngest and I’m the only freshman in the excursion committee. I feel very honoured to be the chairwomen of this committee and to work together with this group of amazing people!

I look forward to organizing an amazing excursion and to get to know everyone better.

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