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The Event Committee (EC) is a committee which allows for a lot of creativity. The EC organizes two informal events throughout the year. The first event is completely up to the committee to fill in, anything goes! The second event is one of the most exciting and most well-known POLIS events out there: the Stadhuisstraatcantus! If you have that creative spark, and if you get excited at the thought of organizing an amazing cantus, look no further than the EC!

Starting with Amber. Amber is our Chief of Drinks for this year, which fits her perfectly. Between being a member of Navigators, Chief of Drinks, and occasionally saving the Efteling she always manages to make time for a borrel!

Then there is Pola, our Treasurer. An important role in the EC, especially during the Stadhuisstraatcantus. Besides being good with money, she also keeps us on our toes with speaking English since she can decide if we get ‘punished’ when not doing so as our international. 

Our Chief BaCo is the one and only Gerben. He is always up for a challenge, especially when it comes to stealing his own bike back ;). Which makes him perfect for motivating and pushing everyone to complete the BaCo challenges!

Julia is this year the Secretary of the EC! You might already know her as she was part of the previous POLIS board. EC is therefore very lucky to have her. She always makes the best minutes and comes up with the most random animal-themed hidden words. 

Then there is our PR team, which consists of Milou and Nikki. They both are always in for some ‘gezelligheid’. Being these social butterflies makes them perfect for communicating and fixing all of the calls that have to be done. 

Last, we have our Coordinator, Els aka Elise! She infects us all with her enthusiasm and makes sure we keep on track with everything. Despite her full agenda, she always makes time for us to help get all the things that have to be done for our events! 

Finally, there is me, Isa. I have the pleasure of being the Chairwoman of this committee. After being part of CultureCom and Chairwoman of TOPcom last year, I decided to take on the challenge of being in charge of EC. Looking at my committee I am confident this year will run smoothly! Hope to see all of you at our events!

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