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The Event Committee (EC) is a committee which allows for a lot of creativity. The EC organizes three informal events throughout the year. The first event is completely up to the committee to fill in, anything goes! The second event will be a collaboration with a different study association, aimed at getting to know even more people. The third event is one of the most exciting and most well-known POLIS events out there: the Stadhuisstraatcantus! If you have that creative spark, and if you get excited at the thought of organizing an amazing cantus, look no further than the EC!

It is an honor to introduce to you, the Event Committee of 2021/2022! During this year we will do our very best to bring you the best evenings and parties. Hope to see you all there!

Starting with Rob. Rob is our Chef Borrel for this year, also known as the Chief of Drinks. He is absolutely perfect for this role. Not only because of his widely appreciated jokes, but he also has always a spot for a drink, thanks on behalf of all of us ;).

Then there is Myrthe, our treasurer! She has not been very lucky at the beginning of this year, since our committee had the rule that no one was allowed to point at others, and she really loved to do this. To save her from for example cooking for the whole committee in already the first month, we decided to delete this rule.

Our Chief BaCo is the one and only Danique, also known as Danique Magnifique. She is really motivated this year to push everyone to their highest level in completing the assignments, and with success so far! For the other committees, you better watch out for her, because after two rounds we are still on top!

One of the PR’s of the EC this year is Daphne. She suits this role perfect because of her great influencing and communication skills. Despite being a freshman at POLIS, she still manages to strike the right chord in her posters and our brilliant logo (check this out!!).

Then there is our Dynamic Duo, our PR team, who are roommates and always in for a drink: Mark and Joes! Mark introduced the rule of bringing a bottle of strong alcohol to every meeting, which has to be empty before the meeting is finished. Joes is already in his second year of his study and is specialized in fixing all of the calls that has to be done.

Hannah is this year the secretary of the EC! She made a comeback at POLIS, after being persuaded by several people, and so far, she is very happy with her return! Hannah has the best stories during the WVTTK and write the funniest minutes, something to look forward to every meeting.

Last, we have our coordinator, Maren! At all POLIS events you might know her as the photographer, with which she takes care of the memories when no one else knows them anymore. Despite her being busy with her membership of the board, she will always make time to help you with all the things that has to be done for our events!

Finally, there is me, Morris. Since the commitment of all my members has been amazing so far, I know we won’t have trouble to make our events the best they could be! See you at our events!!

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