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This year the Event Committee (EC) will organize a special edition of the Stadhuistraatcantus, during Lustrum! You will also organize an event of your own choice, nothing is too crazy! In this committee you can come up with anything, creativity is key. So, if you want to organize the most amazing cantus ever and have the freedom to organize something of your own choice, you should definitely join this committee!

Hi there! I am so pleased to introduce to you this years’ Event Committee (EC)!

First up, we have our secretary Hanna! Always a great presence during meetings (although she always thinks they start too early), and she’s really funny. But most importantly; a star at making sure everything remains organized and clear!

Second, we have Maartje, our Chief Baco! This role suits her well, because Maartje is always a really fun and positive presence during meetings and committee drinks and she will definitely make you laugh.

Next, we have everyone’s favourite first-year and our Chief of Drinks: Sophie! Although this is her first year in POLIS, she always comes up with the most creative ideas (both in meetings and for our online drinks) and is an amazing active member of the committee.

Next up is Lea, our wonderful treasurer. She is a great addition to the committee with her creative ideas and is amazing at bringing the German ‘gemütlichkeit’ to both our meetings and our drinks!

Then we have Yanna! She is a really nice and calm presence but always brings a lot of good input during our meetings. A lovely addition to our committee!

Next up is Sam! One of our PR’s and a really active and outgoing member of our committee. Can definitely chug an Ice and does great as Samta!

Then we have Emma, our second Chief BaCo! Sadly, she was not able to join us in the first half of this year, but we are really excited to have her in our committee and to start organizing an amazing event together after the end of this year!

Next is Marente! She is our other PR and an amazing and enthusiastic member. She always brings the good spirit and original ideas to our meetings, and is great at getting everyone involved!

Lastly; we have our essential coordinator Josse. He holds the whole committee together and makes sure that everything goes according to plan, but is also a really great and funny guy! He knows when to have fun and when to organize the serious stuff, which is really important and helps us immensely.

And then there’s me, Louise. I have the honour of being the chair of this years’ amazing EC committee and I couldn’t be happier with all these great people around me. So here’s to a great year and see you at the Stadhuisstraatcantus! :)

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