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The Exchange Committee organises the yearly Prom! When organising the prom, you are able to arrange everything yourself and give your own spin to it. You choose the location, the theme and the decorations yourselves. The Prom takes place somewhere in May every year. The Prom is very popular every year and is something to really look forward to. The Exchange Committee consists of members that go on exchange in that particular school year. Because the Prom is the only event you organise and takes place in May, you are still able to be part of a committee even though you are away for the first half of the year. This committee is also a fun way to connect with other members who went on exchange and share your experiences. If you like to dress up for Prom and if you like to keep in touch with POLIS while being abroad, this committee is the right one for you!

First, I would like to introduce Jord, who took on the role as treasurer in this year’s committee. Jord is always very enthusiastic and proactive, which makes him a perfect member of the committee. He helped wherever he could and he did a great job managing the finances for our event. It would not surprise me if Jord will be part of the POLIS board some day in the future.

Secondly, I would like to introduce Meike, who was our Chief of Baco this year. Meike was a great member of our team, as she was there at every meeting and because she always made sure that we would at least try to do some of the Baco challenges each month. That was not an easy task, as not everyone was that easily convinced to participate in the Baco challenges.

Thirdly, Ellis took on the role of the Chief of Drinks in this year’s Exchange Committee. Ellis brought a lot of fun into the meetings with her funny stories and it was always nice to have her present. Unfortunately, we didn’t have drinks with another committee, but we did enjoy some drinks sometimes with just our own committee.

Xanthe was responsible for Public Relations this year. Even though it was a bit difficult to join the meetings at the beginning due to a concussion, she definitely was a great addition to the committee. She came up with good ideas and was really involved in all meetings.

Jitske fulfilled the role of the secretary in this year’s committee. She kept up with the notes very well and they were all very clear and detailed. She was a bit too soft about the crosses, because the ‘punishments’ were not executed, but that is in her character, so that can be forgiven.

Joy was this year’s coordinator. She has been a great addition to the committee. She has helped me and the rest of the members a lot with all the important and administrative things that are part of hosting an event with a committee. She was always enthusiastic and she made the meetings even more fun.

Lastly, I would like to introduce myself. I am Sacha and I have fulfilled the role of chairwomen this year for the Exchange Committee. It was the first time that I had this role, so I was a bit nervous at the beginning, but I really enjoyed fulfilling this role and dealing with all the responsibilities that come with it. I had a lot of fun organising the Prom this year and I wish the committee of next year the best of luck (and fun)!