Meet our


The Event Committee (EC) is a committee which allows for a lot of creativity. The EC organizes two informal events throughout the year. The first event is completely up to the committee to fill in, anything goes! The second event is one of the most exciting and most well-known POLIS events out there: the Stadhuisstraatcantus! If you have that creative spark, and if you get excited at the thought of organizing an amazing cantus, look no further than the EC!

Starting with my great vice-chair, Freek! When Freek talks, we listen. He is full of great stories and guaranteed to create a good atmosphere at meetings or events. Next to the vice-chair, he is Chief of Baco. We still need to warm-up a little bit with the BaCo, but I am sure that Freek will keep us on the right track.

Secondly, we have the lovely Floris. Last years ‘feut’ is now a fully grown POLIS member. As the secretary, he is responsible for the minutes. I’ve heard he learned from the best last year, and with Freek, Joella and Jans having some wild conversations the best is definitely needed.

We also have Hannes. Hannes is the grandpa of the committee and the only international in the EC, so he keeps our English up to date! He is an author of a book about beer, and that is no surprise when you see his love of beer in the Boekanier. He is Treasurer together with Maud, and will keep an eye on our impulsive expenses!

Sander is also experienced, because he does a lot of organizing things at Vidar. His nickname is ‘Bambi’ and I cant figure out why but im going with it. He is very busy with Vidar, but when he is with us he loves to help!

And then there is our lovely Jans. Jans has a bit of difficulties with pronouncing the ‘R’ because of her strong ‘brabantse’ accent. She is very energetic and is always there when you want a drink! That’s why she is the Chief of drinks of the EC. With all that energy she is chairing another committee, but we know she loves us more.

Our PR star is Joella. She is no stranger to POLIS as she was in the board last year as a secretary and is happy to take a rest from all that typing. Joella is from Zeeland, just like me. That means that she has a special place in my heart. I only say that because she makes amazing posters on Canva. All jokes aside, we love our Jo.

Our dear coordinator is Maud. I’ve had the honour to do the STiP last year with her, and now she helps us all with her octopus like skills. The question isn’t what she is doing within POLIS, but more like what she doesn’t do. She does a lot, and can be a bit chaotic. Apparently, there is order in her chaos and with that she is of unimaginable worth to us.

And then there is me, Tom. I am honoured to chair the EC this year. It was no secret that I wanted to chair this committee because I told everyone like 10.000 times. Because the committee is experienced, I have just the title of chair and can focus on forgetting polls at the end of each datumprikker.