Meet our


In the Culture Committee (CultureCom), you will organize two events related to culture. The first event will be an easily accessible event during which you try to get as many members as possible in touch with cultural topics. If you are creative, want to work on cultural awareness and want to organize activities with as many participants as possible, you should definitely join this committee!

Sem is our Treasurer. She is responsible for our finances, so we don’t impulsively overspend to create two amazing events! Sem is very easy going and always up for some fun. She takes initiative and asks critical questions that need to be asked. She is the angel of the group, because she only has one cross yet.

Joy is our Chief of BaCo and Chief of Drinks. She will organize lovely informal meetings with us and other committees. Joy is very enthusiastic and good at collecting crosses without being at the meetings. She might be small, but she is the creative big brain in our committee. She is ambitious and always brings good spirit into the group!

Stijn is our very social Public Relation specialist. He takes care of all the external matters that need to be fixed for our events and he does it with a lot of care. He is also a specialist in drinking, chugging and challenging others to drink beer. You can always have great conversations with him. With Stijn around it never will never be boring!

Xavier is our Secretary and responsible to keep track of what is said and planned during the meetings. He takes his task seriously. He sometimes abuses his power, but always has funny input into conversations. He is very sweet and likes to take care of others’ well-being. Not to forget he is a great pizza baker!

Stanley is our Coordinator. Last year, he was the Chairman of CultureCom and holds a lot of experience on how to keep this committee running smoothly. He sometimes forgets what was planned during the meeting. However, he has a realistic and honest view. He loves to give you atje des, but at the same time he is always there to help you out and make things fun.

And I am Curly, the Chairwomen of this committee. I’m responsible for leading the meetings and making sure everything goes as planned. This is my first active position within POLIS and I’m glad to have this opportunity with amazing committee members! I might get crosses for sneering, but I’m very dedicated and you can always count on me