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In the Culture Committee (CultureCom) you will organize two easily accessible activities related to culture. If you are creative, want to work on cultural awareness and want to organize activities with as many participants as possible, you should definitely join this committee!

Hello hello hello everyone! I have the great honour of introducing the most lovely committee of the year. Together with a lot of new faces, familiar ones, and grandpa we form the Culture Committee. This year we are going to help you to do, as we say in Dutch, a healthy amount of ‘culture snorting’.

Let’s kick off with our treasurer: Nienke. This girl is the queen of zoom meetings. She has definitely played out zoom calls. 'How?' You might ask. She puts her laptop on its side and lays in bed in her fort of pillow and blankets accompanied with any sort of snack including chocolate. We don’t say it, but secretly we are all very jealous of her.

Next up Jules! He is our very enthusiastic (and slightly lightweight) secretary. Jules always participates very actively and comes up with great ideas. In the minutes he makes, he sometimes leaves cute and inspirational messages like ‘seize the day’. Those always bring a smile to my face!

Then the first of my two adorable PR’s: Benthe. Benthe is a very creative girl with an eye for detail. She is always in for a game! But watch out because she will kick your asses. Especially in 30 seconds, she knows everything with her wide range of general knowledge.

Our next PR is Marinthe! Next to the bar, you can also find her in a boat because she joined Vidar. I asked her for a fun fact about herself. She took 3 days to think about it and then told me that she is incapable of making decisions. Since it took her so long I think that that is quite accurate. Oh, and by the way she is a genius with PowerPoint.

To continue, Charlotte, our fanatic Chief of BaCo. She told us at the start of the year she wants us to win the competition and so far so good! She has us all baking ‘pepernoten’ and taking pictures of our candles. Her personal most important contribution are anagrams. She can solve those in no time. So, a small request for the BaCo: please include anagrams in the upcoming challenges.

Leanne is our Chief of Drinks! Last year she already was Chief of Drinks and she organized a lot of fun activities. That is why she could be this year too. Last year her house party was very successful so when we can do that again we will see you there! Also, I don’t know how Leanne survives cantussen because she needs to go to the toilet every meeting, even if it’s a very short one.

Then Josse, my tutor, coach, teacher. Last year he was my Chair in STiP, where we had a lot of fun! So, I was very happy to hear that he would be the coordinator of Culture this year.

Then lastly, I will introduce myself. I am Julia and, if I might take a guess, I am the most chaotic Chair in the history if Chairs. So far everyone has managed to keep up with my, often confusing, chatter. I am very thankful for my committee; they are all sweethearts with a lot of enthusiasm! <3

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