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In the Culture Committee (CultureCom), you will organize two events related to culture. The first event will be an easily accessible event during which you try to get as many members as possible in touch with cultural topics. The second event will be a collaboration with CareerCom, during which you combine topics of culture with career-oriented topics. If you are creative, want to work on cultural awareness and want to organize activities with as many participants as possible, you should definitely join this committee!

The CultureCom of 2021/2022 consists of a bunch of different and creative people! This variety of people is definitely a great advantage with regard to the organization of culture related events. Let me introduce the CultureCom members of this year:

The secretary of this committee is Babette who puts a great effort in making minutes of every meeting. Her creativity runs free when she thinks of the most random hidden words which results in every committee member sending words such as ‘wortelstok’ to her before every meeting! It’s always interesting to see what’s up next!

Our treasurer Xanthe takes care of all the financial business. Even though she takes this very seriously, she has a dry sense of humor as well! Thus, she often surprises you with her unexpected smart and funny jokes which makes spending time with Xanthe never boring!

Next up is our PR. Ties definitely knows how to party and how to handle beer! When it comes to PR business he is not afraid to contact organizations and to actively get on it. A very valuable skill as being a PR!

Isa is our publicist within the committee. Even though her job is to contact the poster pool in order to get the posters done, she takes up a lot of responsibility herself! She uses her creativity to design both the CultureCom logo and the posters herself! Besides that we could all learn something from her party and drinking skills as she is being a real ‘Limburger’!

As being the Chief of Drinks, Joris is responsible for organizing all the committee ‘borrels’. He likes to push himself to its limits as he is doing a board year within IDEA besides joining this committee! The ‘borrels’ we have had so far really created bonding experiences between all committee members!

Our Chief of BaCo, Maud, knows how to motivate and push our committee to join and do the BaCo challenges! Being one of the first years of this committee, she is already very active within POLIS: she tries to join as many POLIS events as possible. Such dedication is the spirit we need in our committee!

As a board member, Sascha is our helping hand. No question asked is too much for her. Things will always come about as she knows how to ask the right follow-up questions and to touch upon complementary points of discussion during our meetings. She really strives for a great committee vibe as she for example introduced ‘sterrenstof’ as our committee shot!  

Finally, I will introduce myself. My name is Anka and I am the chairwoman of CultureCom 2021/2022! After having been the secretary of ChariCie I decided I wanted to take charge of a committee myself! Being (sometimes too) organized will help me guide this awesome committee throughout the year. However, this committee consists of a group of people that get along with one another very well, so guiding this committee and organizing fun culture related events together is definitely going to go smoothly!

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