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In the Culture Committee (CultureCom), you will organize two events related to culture. The first event will be an easily accessible event during which you try to get as many members as possible in touch with cultural topics. The second event will be a collaboration with CareerCom, during which you combine topics of culture with career-oriented topics. If you are creative, want to work on cultural awareness and want to organize activities with as many participants as possible, you should definitely join this committee!

Quincy, new to POLIS thanks to friends with good marketing skills regarding the association. She is our Chief of BaCo, motivating us and making sure we complete the monthly challenges, because it’s coming home. Yours truly, CultureCom BaCo to be champions 2022/2023.

Frederieke, being our Secretary, makes sure everything we discuss is being written down, so people who are absent or zoned out can recap the previous meeting from the minutes. She’s also responsible for keeping track of the crosses, which result in harsh punishments, such as the infamous driesprong first achieved by Stanley (trust me chugging 3 beers in a row after a meal on our event was quite challenging).

If we ever have a problem figuring out what our budget is, Joella is always there to help, assuring us that there is no budget as discussed with the board ;). Her insider information as a member of the board is very useful for planning the events and committee work in general, plus in the extremely unlikely situation that the Chairman messes something up, she’s always our last line of defence.

Lonneke keeps track of the budget being the Treasurer. With the help of Joella’s insider information she has to compare the expenses and ticket sale revenue to reach the break even point, or at least minimise the losses.

David is our Chief of Drinks, he makes sure our chugging skills don’t get rusty between POLIS events, by organizing informal meetups where we can socialise with other committees. The legend says 2  drinks will be organized per block. He’s also our zoom master, setting up the meeting for people who can’t join.

Finally, Stanley (me), the Chairman. The biggest plot twist of the 21st century. Last year’s SportsCom members are still scratching their heads thinking how I got the position, but anything is possible in POLIS. As Chair I have to set up the meetings and preferably not forget about them before I fill out my working schedule (not that it ever happened) as well as moderate the discussion points of our upcoming events to make sure we’ll finish everything on time and the events run smoothly.

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