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The Congress Committee (CongressCom) organizes a congress each year. The purpose of this congress is to exchange knowledge on a certain topic related to Organization Studies, which you can choose as a committee. If you are interested in organizing a large, informative event tailored to students of Organization Studies, then CongressCom is the committee for you!

Bianca is our first year GMSI student and she is our Publicist and Chief of BaCo. She has lived a few years in Indonesia where she has developed herself into a great person. With her global experiences, she is a real asset for our committee!

Jin is our fourth year OS student and she is our Treasurer. She's currently doing an internship at Heineken where she learns a lot about HR. With her business knowledge, we can give everyone a very good representational view at our congress.

Réka is our second year GMSI student and she is our Secretary. She is a student assistant at the university and knows how to give amazing lectures. Due to her experiences, she can help to make our congress even better!

Marc is our coordinator from the board. With his sharp comments, he will guide us during the process of hosting the best congress. He is always in for some fun, so even though we are a formal committee, he ensures that we also enjoy some informal time at POLIS.

Bas is a third year OS student and he is the Chairman and Chief of Drinks. With his optimism and enthusiasm, he knows how to entertain people. You should have seen his dance skills in the pubs! Anyway, with his enthusiasm and his amazing committee members he will make the congress great (again).

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