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The Community Committee (CommuniCie) is your committee if you care about charity and sustainability. This committee focuses on helping the members of POLIS to make a difference in society and raise awareness about sustainable issues. The CommuniCie organizes two events: one fundraising activity and one sustainability-oriented activity!

I will start with introducing Isa, Isa is my lovely Secretary and Vice-Chairwoman who is always in for some fun. Isa always cracks us up with her jokes during and outside of our committee meetings. Her notes are next to important, always very funny to read. 

Next, I will introduce you to our only boy in the committee Rink, Rink is a very busy man but as Chief of Drinks he will always make sure to plan nice committee drinks in his busy schedule. He is always in for drinking, a good time and has amazing social skills, therefore this role suits him perfectly. 

Zara is responsible for the Public Relations of our committee. Zara makes sure that all the good things we do as a committee will be donated to good and trustworthy foundations. Zara loves special beers and our committee which is a good combination when we have our fun committee nights. 

Anna is our Treasurer, she is responsible for all the money flows in our committee. A very important role and perfect for Anna. Anna is now doing her minor in a different city but always makes sure she is present for the committee meetings and always does her tasks. Anna’s nickname is crazy anny and this nickname describes her personality perfectly. 

Our lovely Coordinator is Elise, Elise helps us in the chaos of the meetings and coordinates our group very well. She always wants to help and is down for any idea that we come up with. Because of Elise we can do a lot of good things with this committee. 

Lastly I will introduce myself, my name is Lisa and I get to be the Chairwoman of this lovely committee. I try to keep the meetings as efficient as possible so that we have a lot of time for fun activities afterwards. I am very lucky that all of my committee members are also very good friends and that they help me whenever they can.

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