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The Community Committee (CommuniCie) is the newest addition to POLIS. If you care about charity and sustainability, this is the committee for you. This committee focuses on helping the members of POLIS to make a difference in society and raise awareness about sustainable issues. The CommuniCie organizes three events: one fundraising activity, one sustainability-oriented activity and a collaboration with SportsCom!


My name is Joy’l and I’m the chairwomen of CommuniCie 2021/2022! We are the committee that organizes events focusing on sustainability and charity. I would like to introduce my fellow committee members!

First I would like to introduce Julia. She is the beloved coordinator of CommuniCie with a cheerful personality and an affection for social issues. She is the perfect person to guide us in the right direction.

Then secondly, Amber. This year Amber is our secretary and is committed to charity as well, not only is she a devoted committee member, but she is also an active member of the Red Cross.

Third we have Charlotte. This year Charlotte is our Chief BaCo and Chief of Drinks, she is a great asset to the team and takes drinks very seriously.

And I would like to introduce you to Lisa. She is our PR this year, with her social skills and spontaneous personality she is perfectly suitable to keep in touch with organizations and charities.

Next comes Marinthe. Marinthe is our publicist, she uses her creativity to promote our events and comes up with great ideas during meetings.

Last but not least we have Anna. Even though she has a board year as chairwomen of IDEA, she is still an active POLIS member and our treasurer. With her positive approach and critical thinking she is a great asset to our team.

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