Meet our


The Community Committee (CommuniCie) is your committee if you care about charity and sustainability. This committee focuses on helping the members of POLIS to make a difference in society and raise awareness about sustainable issues. The CommuniCie organizes two events: one fundraising activity and one sustainability-oriented activity!

Marc is technically our Chief of Drinks and chief of BaCo, but he isn’t that great at being proactive about it. Maybe that is why he has doubled as a secretary several times already? He knows this has to change in the future and since he has been around POLIS for sooo long already, I am sure he will do great in his own role from now on!

Rongxin is our first year student and POLIS newbie who has taken on the role of being our treasurer. To gently ease him into this new world, our first event did not involve any expenses on our part but the next event will be his time to shine!

Amber is responsible for the public relations in our committee, but sometimes she needs a small reminder that the environment is just as (or some might say even more) important as STiP 😉 However, she is doing a great job at being our PR manager and makes sure to keep pushing for answers from companies!

Sibi is our lovely coordinator and cross-collector. One might think that is not a role, but apparently Sibi thinks it is her job to collect as many as possible! She makes sure to provide our committee with some nice entertainment while she fulfills her punishments.

Louise is our secretary as this is sadly her last year at POLIS and she wanted to have taken on every role there is. This was the last one on the list! From being a board member to treasurer, Louise has done it all. Some criticize her hidden word capabilities, but we love her anyway.

Lastly, we need someone who makes sure this little club doesn’t do anything not in line with the sustainability standards, and that would be me! I am Carlijn and this is my first year at POLIS. I am still navigating how to be a good chairwoman, but with the help of these 5 great people I am sure it’s gonna be fine!