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The Charity Committee (ChariCie) is the most socially engaged committee of Study Association POLIS. The ChariCie will organize two activities. One activity will be an event to raise money for a charity of your choice. During the second event, the committee and other POLIS member will take part in charity work. If you want to help people in need, this is the perfect committee for you! This is the real feel-good committee of POLIS.

This years’ Charity Committee is fully represented by enthusiastic first-year students. Let me introduce you to these fantastic new POLIS members, who are ready to raise money for good causes, and a dedicated coordinator who will make sure everything goes as it should.

First up, we have our PR: Sofie. Sofie is not only a very creative person, but she is also great at contacting companies and getting peoples’ awareness to help raise money for the charity. Fun to know is that she has an (evil?) twin sister and that she reads a lot of romantic books. I’ll bet you these readings are where the dedicated love for doing something good comes from.

Second, there’s our secretary: Anka. She is a bit of a bookworm and cheese addict since she regularly states that cheese is a primary necessity for life. Maybe that’s where she got the knack for stating precise notes which are an important part of our ChariCie meetings. Therefore, arranging things for our events simply wouldn’t be possible without her.

Next is Fien, our Chief of Drinks. She doesn’t only have a pretty face, but also a pretty good taste for arranging fun borrels and get togethers (yes, also during covid-19 time). She loves to cook and drink wine, so she knows how important a good borrel is. Thus, an amazing addition to our committee!

Our fifth member, Chief BaCo is Réka. Born and raised in Hungary, she now is one of the lovely internationals that joined POLIS. She cooks soups all the time and can play the Titanic song on a flute (also the shitty flute version). She possesses both the perfect ingredients for a soup, as well as for comp(l)eting the BaCo challenges.

Our sixth member is Xanthe, who has been named treasurer. She makes a lot of puns and is addicted to Smintjes which are definitely keeping her fresh and cool enough to keep a good eye on our budget. She has 99 qualities and being a treasurer is one (no pun intended).

Then our ever-dedicated coordinator: Boris. After being in the same committee as him for 3 years, I can say with confidence that we would sometimes be a bit lost without his guidance. As he has not yet got enough out of his student life and is always ‘bij’ for a borrel, he knows best when it comes to organizing a successful event. He is a very important part of our committee and we are happy to have him!

Lastly, I will introduce myself. I am Meike, the proud chairwoman of this amazing committee. I have been part of a committee two times already, but taking up this challenge as a chair is something that I’m proud to do. Liking to have an overview of everything is one of my quirks, even though my committee members are already doing a great job without me!

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