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The CareerCom has the goal to get students in touch with the working field of Organization Studies and Global Management of Social Issues. You and your fellow committee members will organize two career-oriented activities. The activities are free to fill in as long as they are career-oriented. This committee offers a great opportunity to get in touch with companies related to Organization Studies and Global Management of Social Issues.

First off, our valued Chief of Drinks and BaCo coordinator, Martijn. As a seasoned POLIS member, as well as a former board member, Martijn is the one who we turn to in times of need. Always a practical thinker (& drinker), if the committee needs to think outside of the box, Martijn is our guy.

Secondly, our esteemed secretary Sarah. During a meeting, someone needs to record the ramblings of the chairman and the other committee members. Sarah is just the one for the job. She is often also the one to offer good insights into certain topics and helps to keep our meetings organised if the chairman loses track a bit.

Next up is our treasurer, Lauren. Even though our committee is pretty straightforward budget-wise, we are grateful to have her as an addition to our wonderful CareerCom. She is always up for a chat and very social, and she does not shy away from phrasing her opinion if she feels like this is necessary. These qualities make her efforts for the committee very valuable since she always looks at things from different angles.  

Fourthly, our Public Relations officer, Elise. This year she is teaming up with Fleur, and the two of them make the perfect pair to be unleashed on unknowing companies to find out if they would be interested in a POLIS event! It’s good to have her as a committee member, she is clever and knows when to pick her moments to make her opinion be heard.

As mentioned before, Fleur has made an alliance with Elise to make sure no company can hide from the CareerCom! Her infectious smile and social skills are put to great use this year. Afraid of mice? Yes. Afraid to approach an organisation for a POLIS event? Definitely not.

Next up is our coordinator, Tom. As the current chair of POLIS, Tom is the one who keeps us up to date concerning any news from the board. His head is filled with useful knowledge and when you add this to the fact that he has a huge social network, it makes him an extremely valuable addition to the team.

And finally, I’d like to introduce myself: Max! I will be your chairman this year. Despite the difficulties that a certain virus is throwing at us this year, I am super confident that we will succeed in organising some cool and educational events!

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