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The CareerCom has the goal to get students in touch with the working field of Organization Studies and Global Management of Social Issues. You and your fellow committee members will organize two career-oriented activities that will cover both fields of study in at least one of the activities. One of these two events is organized in collaboration with the Culture Committee. The activities are free to fill in, as long as they are career oriented. This committee offers a great opportunity to get in touch with companies related to Organization Studies and Global Management of Social Issues.

Hello everybody! I am very happy to be introducing the members of my amazing committee. We are of course a very formal and professional committee seeing we are the career committee ;). We are very excited to organize fun and interesting events for you to introduce you to your future career!

Firstly, I would like to introduce our secretary Sven. One of his biggest goals this year is to remember to post the hidden word on time. We believe that by the end of this year he will achieve this goal. Sven is a real sweetheart who buys us a lot of cake because of his many crosses, which we are obviously all very happy about.

Secondly, is Meike, she is not only our amazing publicist but also our Chief of BaCo. Meike is a real silent power within the committee, she is very driven and always finishes her tasks on time and exactly as requested (she is the dream of every chair ;)). Another honorable mention is her amazing BaCo photography and storytelling skills.

Next up is Sander, our treasurer and Chief of Drinks! He is convinced he was tricked into signing up for the CareerCom by Julia when he was drunk. Whenever Sander is there (which is always too late) there will surely be a lot of fun, laughter, and inappropriate comments. He loves to argue with Lonneke during the meetings and always tries to make sure we get absolutely nothing done.

This brings me to Lonneke, our PR who funnily enough dislikes calling people on the phone. She keeps all of us sharp and is very committed to checking if the hidden word is there. She is a real busy bee, currently doing two studies and also forming a great duo with Sander to derail all of our meetings.

Next is our amazing coordinator Julia. I would love to share the title of chairman with her as I believe she does most of my work ;). She is always sweet and willing to help. As a first-year active member, I am very grateful to have her support in learning all things POLIS.

Lastly, I will introduce myself. My name is Jitske and my inability to say no to people got me this incredible role of being a Chairman. I am still very glad I said yes because I love being the Chair of this very fun group! I am most of the time confused about what I have to do and what is going on, having no former experience of being in a committee. However, together with my amazing committee, I am convinced we will put together amazing events and have a lot of fun this year!

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