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Do you like competition? Are you creative and do you always have fun ideas? Can you motivate people to strive for a prize? Then the BaCo is looking for you! In this committee, you will be responsible for the committee competition, a well-known competition within POLIS. With your committee, you will give this competition a whole new image and you will keep the members up-to-date with the scores. Furthermore, you will be part of the amazing themed afternoons after every exam period in the POLIS-room, in which you collaborate with the Board.

Hi everyone! I would like to present to you: the amazing members of the Battle Committee 2020-2021!

First, I’d like to introduce Dominique. She’s our secretary this year and she’s always very enthusiastic and dedicated. Her creative skills can be seen both in the fun challenges she comes up with, and the beautiful layouts she makes for our powerpoints and leaderboards! I’m very happy to have her in this committee.

Next up, we have Jan! He’s our PR officer and is always happy to share his ideas and opinions in our meetings. He’s creative in coming up with activities and challenges, which I’m very happy about!

Then let’s move on to Emily! She’s the only international member in our committee this year. As she was a member of the BaCo 2019-2020 as well, she’s experienced which we love! I’m very happy to be in this committee with her.

Then we have Rob! Better known as “driesprong” maybe, and he’s this year’s chief of drinks (who’s surprised)? He’s the member that has the most crosses so far, but he definitely makes up for this with his humor during the meetings. I’m sure he’ll organize plenty of memorable (or not) drinks this year!

Let’s move on to Andy, our treasurer this year. I’m very happy he’s in the BaCo, because he always has good ideas and is realistic about what we can or cannot do, which is very important!

Of course we shouldn’t forget our lovely coordinator, Josse! Our true POLIS veteran always makes the meetings fun, and is the life of the party during events. I’m very happy to have him as my coordinator this year!!

And lastly, there’s me, Marloes, and I’m this year’s chairman of the BaCo! I’m very excited to chair this lovely group of people and I’m positive we’ll come up with a lot of fun activities and challenges!

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