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Do you like competition? Are you creative and do you always have fun ideas? Can you motivate people to strive for a prize? Then the BaCo is looking for you! In this committee, you will be responsible for the committee competition, a well-known competition within POLIS. With your committee, you will give this competition a whole new image and you will keep the members up to date with the scores. Furthermore, the Battle Committee organizes three themed afternoons where committees can score extra points for the committee battle.

I don’t know what time it is, but I still feel kind of ‘fris’, is it because of the ’22 BaCo?

Every great contest needs great game masters, allow me to introduce the team:

Straight into his first year as a student, Floris is our freshest prospect. He took no time at all to adjust to the high standards of our committee. Surrounded by veterans, our ‘feut’ stands his ground and accepts all his any-timers with grace. Under the right mentorship, this guy is one for the future.

Need some brutal honesty? Look no further than Freek. Despite being Chairman of the Member Weekend committee as a side hustle, this man has no lack of commitment to the BaCo. Never short of creative ideas and razor-sharp criticism, Freek will definitely add some spice to our competition!

Talking of spicy ideas, most of you will already be familiar with Rob. His suggestions may not always be compliant with our Code of Conduct, or sometimes even the Geneva Convention, but this guy never fails to create new perspectives and original ideas. Like Freek, this man gives his all for our committee despite doing a little volunteer work over at the FreshCom as well. On top of all that, Rob is generous enough to let us use his house as our committee HQ, which is fantastic.

If you’re looking for a good read, may I recommend any minutes written by Lucas. A certified veteran of the association (and serial BaCo champion), this man has invaluable insights about our ideas. While chaos might sometimes ensue when Lucas dives into a rabbit hole with Freek and Rob mid-meeting, we wouldn’t trade him for any other secretary.

As if we didn’t already have enough veteran members, we also have the pleasure of working with Emma. Good luck finding someone with more committee experience, because even in her twilight years at POLIS, she is taking on STiP as her second job too! This year marks the 4th consecutive year that Emma and I have been in the same committee, so I know exactly which great things I might expect!

Naturally, some unfortunate soul on this year’s board had to be tasked with babysitting this group of semi-adult children. Joëlla was the chosen one, and while she struggles to admit it, we have definitely grown into her favourites in no time at all. Being an adult child herself sometimes, there is no doubt she is the perfect fit for us. In Coco we trust!

And who could possibly be fit to lead such a chaotic and creative bunch? As it turns out, nobody. But I applied so here we are! My name is Marc and after seeing which members this committee consists of, I knew I was in for a fun ride. Being reunited with old POLIS friends, alongside some fresh energy, I believe we have the perfect recipe for a successful year. Everything can kapot!

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