Meet our


Do you like competition? Are you creative and do you always have fun ideas? Can you motivate people to strive for a prize? Then the BaCo is looking for you! In this committee, you will be responsible for the committee competition, a well-known competition within POLIS. With your committee, you will give this competition a whole new image and you will keep the members up to date with the scores. Furthermore, the Battle Committee organizes three themed afternoons where committees can score extra points for the committee battle.

Starting off with our lovely Secretary Job, number 1 René Le Blanc impersonator himself. He fully dedicated himself to this role during our BaCoween drinks, where he came dressed as the singer, complete with wig and everything. Next to doing a fair René Le Blanc impersonation, Job brings a lovely alive spirit to the BaCo. Considering he is our youngest member this year, he is still full of enthusiasm and wonderful creative ideas for the monthly challenges.

Next up, we have our Treasurer Weronika! At first sight, Weronika looks like a sweet and maybe even innocent girl, but after a few drinks Svetlana appears. Svetlana is Weronika’s alter ego who just disappears from the bar without her bike or coat (yes even in the winter times) so if you ever hear someone from the BaCo pulling a Svetlana or Weronika, just hope it wasn’t freezing outside. Luckily, she never forgets her good mood and she is a perfect creative addition to our BaCo this year!

Going over to our first Chief of Drinks, Nienke! Nienke is a busy gal with her master AND 2 committees at POLIS (she is even a chairwoman of one!!). She is the oldest in our committee, but this is nowhere to be seen in her character, however maybe a bit in all the book recommendations and sudokus you had to write to her during the November challenges. I don’t think I know someone who is always so good spirited and happy as Nienke, and it is an absolute delight to have her in your committee.

Our second Chief of Drinks is another very busy bee, Amber! Amber is even crazier than Nienke, with her 2 bachelors (yes at the same time…) AND 2 committees at POLIS!! A fun fact about Amber, she is part Turkish but speaks more Spanish. She is our committees sober queen (with an occasional slip up during a cantus or René Le Bak) but this doesn’t take away from any of the fun we have with her. Despite her busy schedule, Amber still finds enough time to come up with amazing creative ideas for our challenges and events.

Now up to our last Chief of Drinks, Jules-Louis! Jules-Louis is a nice asset to have in your committee, if you absolutely suck at spinning the wheel at the lovely Boeka. This guy is freakishly gifted in always spinning 6, which is a blessing and a curse (very drunk people don’t need 15 beers but always want to spin the wheel…). But, spinning 6 at the Boeka obviously isn’t his only strong side. His creative and cheerful mind are a good addition in this years BaCo!

Up to our lovely Coordinator Milou! I’ve known Milou for 2 years now, but really got to know her during our time at the EC together last year. Milou is a lovely, sweet girl who goes crazy after a drop of alcohol. Luckily this year, she is our responsible board person during events and she goes all out with us during our drinks. Milou gives back a bit of structure to our meetings which can get a bit chaotic with all of the in between WVTTK and we thank her for that! She is the last bit of the puzzle in this years creative BaCo mastermind, that we couldn’t manage without!

And now, I will briefly introduce myself! I am Elise and I am this year’s Chairwoman of the BaCo. I am very happy to be chosen to chair this committee this year, with all of these lovely people. Having 3 first-years in my committee, is really fun, because I get to introduce them to the active life of POLIS. I’m really excited for this year and for all of your crazy and weird ideas! Cheers to the BaCo!