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Advancement Committee

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In the advancement committee (AdvanCie) you will organize multiple workshops on soft- and hard skill development. These can be from any variety of subjects, from negotation skills to Excel workshops. This committee is a formal one and doesn't have a heavy workload.

If you like to organize workshops or even get in contact with different organizations, this committee is for you!

Tony and his lightning speed typing make the perfect secretary. He’ll leave us in January tho so be quick to get to know him!

Nard is our moneyman, when he heard our budget he had to be the treasurer: €420  

Lars will make sure our committee has the fearsome reputation it deserves, as he is our chef BaCo.

Camiel has the most important task of all: arrange our drinks! Ones we’re allowed again, make sure to contact him for the best parties 🎉

To keep this bunch in check, the board had to call in the big guns. Only top referee Laurens is up for this task.

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