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Trust Person

The trust person will always be a member of POLIS, but will not be a board member. You can go to this person to voice confidential issues, or any serious problems you’ve had with other members. If you want to talk to the trust person, you can choose if the content of that talk gets shared with the board or not. Of course, there is always a possibility to go to the board with these issues, but we hope the trust person lowers the threshold for members to interact with the association in a confidential manner. This can contribute to a safe environment for members, where they feel free to voice any problems they have with the association or any of its members.

This year, Mara Kolkhuis Tanke and Kars Verdonk will be our trust persons!

Contact Mara: trustperson@studyassociationpolis.com

Contact Kars: trustperson2@studyassociationpolis.com

Hi, I’m Mara and I am 20 years old! This year, together with Kars, I will be the trustperson of POLIS! For as far as my academic career: I’m a second year Organization Studies student now, but in the study year of 21/22 I did a boardyear at POLIS as the Public Relations and External Affairs officer. The year before that I was the chairwoman of the Introduction camp. I briefly switched to Human Resources as a study, but figured it wasn’t a good match for me. I find it very important that people feel well and that if they don’t feel well, they can come to someone to talk about it, since it’s a great step in progress to communicate about that is going on. This goes for mental health, but also if something happens with another person and you need to talk about it. That is why I wanted to be a trustperson, so that you can talk to a familiar person about anything going on in your life, and that we keep that in confidence. As trustpersons we’re connected to a lot of professional help, so even if we can’t help you directly, we’ll make sure you speak to a person who does, so don’t be shy to contact us!

Contact Mara!

Hello! I’m Kars. I’m 22 years old and going through my second year of organization studies right now. Alongside Mara, I’ll be trustperson for the members of POLIS. Before studying in the beautiful city of Tilburg, I was an Applied Psychology student for two years. The focus there was on coaching and interviewing, which I still love to do. Skills like using open listening and NIP ethics norms are, I think, directly useful for being trustperson. I’ve also personally been involved with mental health, self-care and meditation since at least 2016, which are strong drives behind wanting to become trustperson this year.
Rebelling against stigma and helping people be heard are very important things to me. When we talk, everything is confidential. Trustpersons can assist you in finding the help you may need. I believe bullying, aggression, stress, sexual misconduct, or anything else making you feel bad have no place in your time studying, because that time should first and foremost be fun. So, no matter how small or big the problem you have is, let’s talk. No matter if you want to simply just tell someone, or do something about what’s on your mind, again, let’s talk. Much love, Kars

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Internationalization Officer

Hello hello, I’m Stanley, 21 years old, I come from Poland, but I lived in England and Finland as well. I’m a second year Global Management of Social Issues student as well as a second year POLIS member. It’s quite dope to be the new Internationalization Officer this year! I hope to attract as many internationals to POLIS events as possible, so they can experience the amazing Dutch student culture and bring some nice insight about their own countries. In my free time I like spray painting, eating sushi and painting on canvas, I’ve always been interested in different languages and cultures, so feel free to contact me about anything, or even better, join the POLIS events and chill. I’m there almost all the time.

Yours very truly, Stanley

+31 6 83666317

Sustainability Officer

Hello everyone!
My name is Babette and I will be the Sustainability Officer of POLIS this year! I am 19 years old and just started my second year of Global Management of Social Issues and thereby also my second year as a member of POLIS. I grew up in Hoorn, but moved to Tilburg a year ago for my study. In my free time I like to bake, dance and go out with my friends :)
I am exited to be the first Sustainability Officer of POLIS, and can’t wait to help POLIS and its members make those little changes to become more sustainable.

See you soon, Babette
+31 6 23967150

Advisory Board

The following people are in the advisory board:

  • Louise Brulot
    Chairwoman 2021 - 2022
  • Julia Bakker
    Coordinator 2021 - 2022
  • Tom van Dijk
    Chairman 2020 - 2021
  • Josse Wannet
    Coordinator 2020 - 2021
  • Lucas van Vroonhoven
    Active Member since 2017

Public Relations & External Affairs Committee

The following people are in the PR & EA committee:

  • Martijn van der Helm
    PR & EA 2019 - 2020
  • Laurens Maas
    PR & EA 2020 - 2021
  • Mara Kolkhuis Tanke
    PR & EA 2021 - 2022

Financial Control Committee

The following people are in the FCC:

  • Maren Stokhof
    Treasurer 2021 - 2022
  • Sjoerd van Nostrum
    Treasurer 2020 - 2021
  • Emily Szabo
    Treasurer 2019 - 2020

The 32nd Board

Meet our Board

The 32nd POLIS Board consists of six dedicated students, ready to get the most out of this year. The POLIS Board is responsible for heading the association on a daily basis. Together with almost 100 active members, we are responsible for organizing more than 70 activities this year.

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