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Study Association POLIS

What is POLIS?

Study Association POLIS is the study association for Organization Studies and Global Management of Social Issues students. We are an international association with well over 500 members! POLIS organizes both study-related and leisure activities. Examples of this are the legendary theme parties, a study trip to Vietnam or a congress on corporate social responsibility.

POLIS has a great sense of community, and is the most active study association in Tilburg! For many members, POLIS feels like a family in which one gets the chance to develop socially and professionally; through participation in events and the organization of these events within committees.

Are you (or will you be) a student Organization Studies or GMSI? Then feel free to come by the POLIS-room or join our introcamp! For more information, also check our “What is POLIS?”-tab.

Where can I find the POLIS room?

You can find the POLIS room in Tias building on the 6th floor (T6.20). If you take the elevator to the 6th floor you see the POLIS room right when you walk out! You can always come by to come say hi, ask any questions you may have, or just to relax and take a break when you are at uni.

When does the POLIS room open and close?

The POLIS room is open every weekday from 12:30 to 17:00. During exam periods, the room is open from 12:30 to 15:00 except for Fridays. To always be up to date on the opening hours of our room, be sure to follow our Facebook, Instagram and join our WhatsApp group!

Other Associations

Can I be a member of POLIS and another association?

Yes, you can! There are no obligations that come with being a member of POLIS, it is completely up to you how many activities you want to attend and if you want to join a committee or not. Therefore, it is perfectly possible to be a member of POLIS and enjoy all the perks - such as discounts on books and events, and summaries - while also being a member of another association!

Do you have a hazing?

No, we do not. Joining POLIS or any of the committees does not involve any type of hazing.

Is POLIS a part of the university?

The Organization Studies and GMSI program are a part of the TSB faculty (School of Social and Behavioral Sciences), therefore POLIS is a part of this faculty too.  However, POLIS is run by students on a voluntary basis. Six students dedicate a year of their student life to improving the association and organizing the best activities possible. Besides POLIS, study associations Complex, INPUT and Versot are a part of the TSB faculty as well. Overarching all these study associations is the faculty association IDEA.

Active Membership

How do I join a committee within POLIS?

At the beginning of the year, POLIS hosts a Committee Information Evening. Here, you can find out all you need to know about the committees. Afterwards, there are a few weeks in which students can fill in a committee application form to join! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact one of the board members or to swing by the POLIS room.

How do I join activities?

You can find all upcoming activities on our Instagram, Facebook, and on the website. All activities involve buying a ticket, or if they are free, registering for the activity. You can do this through the POLIS webshop. We would love to see you join!

Can non-members join activities?

Yes, they can. Non-members don’t enjoy the discount on activities that members have, but they are always free to join!

Study & Career related

What does POLIS offer me study-wise?

Study Association POLIS offers you a discount on study books and provides free summaries to its members, we try to provide the best study support we can! POLIS organizes several different workshops a year that explain certain subjects more elaborately, such as statistical programs used in your studies or topics like organizational change. Furthermore, POLIS reserves rooms for its members during exam weeks so you always have a place to study. In addition, the board members in the POLIS room are always willing to help you with your questions!

What does POLIS offer career-wise?

POLIS organizes formal and career-oriented events through workshops provided by teachers and organizations, and also through its formal committees! The Congress Committee organizes a day-long congress where companies speak on a topic relevant to the studies, the Career Committee organizes company inhouse days and the Master Committee organizes networking events for master students. These events are for members as well as non-members, to help our students orient themselves about the opportunities after your studies!

Does POLIS offer course summaries?

Yes! POLIS offers summaries for courses of the bachelors Organisatiewetenschappen and Global Management of Social Issues (GMSI). To anyone who is a member of Study Association POLIS, these summaries are completely free of charge. Non-members will pay a small fee of €3,- per summary. Even though our selection of summaries is quite large, we do not cover all of the courses yet. Check out our webshop to find out which summaries are available!

Internationalization Officer

What and who is the Internationalization Officer?

The Internationalization Officer (or IO) of 2022-2023 is Stanley Majewski. The IO’s role is to facilitate the integration of international students into POLIS and act as contact person for them. Throughout the whole year the IO will be actively working to make all internationals feel welcome and help to tackle any issues you might have.

How do I contact the Internationalization Officer?

You can send our IO an email on or you can reach out to us and we will put you in direct contact with him.


How do I reach Tilburg University?

There are multiple options to reach Tilburg University. When taking the train, go to station “Tilburg Universiteit” and get out there, you’ll stop right next to uni! When taking the bus, you can go to the bus station “Universiteit van Tilburg” and walk a few minutes from there. Tip: download the app 9292, it shows all the current departure times for trains as well as buses! Of course, you could also go by bike. To get to the university easily, follow the red bike path, which starts in the city centre and goes all the way to Tilburg University.

Where do I get a bike?

Besides buying a bike, you can rent one too. There are multiple options for this in Tilburg: you can rent one through Swapfiets or Boogle for longer periods, or get an OV bike at the station for a shorter period of time!

How do I find accomodation in Tilburg?

In Tilburg there are multiple ways to find a room. An easy way to do this, is through a housing organization. Another very effective way is to join a housing Facebook group, there are multiple of these in which a lot of students rooms are offered! Lastly, you can always ask around, for instance at POLIS, to see if someone has a room available for you.

Where can I find POLIS in the city?

POLIS has a partner pub, where a lot of our informal activities take place. This is the lovely Cafe de Boekanier (Stadhuisstraat 11). If you go by, don’t forget to check out the wooden POLIS logo on the wall next to the bar.

Tilburg University

Where do I buy books?

You can buy your books via the Study Store. You can always look at the books up via our website and find the whole list of books you need.

How and where do I get a student card?

You can ask for your student card via the university website. You will be emailed when this is ready, after which you can pick it up at the library.

Where do I go with study related questions?

The student desk is located in building A, you can go by or call them. Of course, you are also welcome in the POLIS room with all of your questions!

How do I reach teachers/lecturers?

Besides seeing them during your contact hours, you can contact your teachers and lecturers via the inbox on Canvas.

When are the exams?

You can find the whole year planning on the university website, by looking at the year planning from TSB.

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