The 30th POLIS Board

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The 30th POLIS Board consists out of six dedicated students, ready to get the most out of this year. The POLIS Board is responsible for heading the association on a daily basis. Together with more than 120 active members, we are responsible for organizing more than 60 activities this year.

POLICY PLAN 2020 - 2021

From left to right:

  • Sjoerd van Nostrum
  • Josse Wannet
  • Tom van Dijk
  • Boris Schussler
  • Laurens Maas
  • Ramon Verhagen

The Board

Tom van Dijk


Boris Schussler

Vice-Chairman & Secretary

Sjoerd van Nostrum


Laurens Maas

PR & External Affairs

Ramon Verhagen


Josse Wannet


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