Zeb Bergsma

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Zeb Bergsma
Alumni since:
Project & HR Manager
MSc Organization Studies

What is your best POLIS memory?

The 'eindejaarscantus' with a lot of POLIS members!

What committee were you part of?

Master Committee (MaC)

How did you search for a job / ended up at your job?

I really liked the company I work at from the lectures they gave during the master course OSE, so I applied for this job and got in!

Describe a typical working day?

Get coffee, go through mailbox, start working on a project, have lunch with all colleagues, play pingpong, start on another project, sometimes even a third project and then go home. This is a typical working day, but the content of every project varies every day!

What do you remember from studying at Tilburg University?

The need to order a double espresso to get a normal coffee in the library.

Any advice for our current members?

I've been to some recruitment events from POLIS (as recruiter), these are really nice for us as a company. So my advice would be; go to these events, there are plenty of job opportunities at these events!

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