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Ruben Backx
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HR Business Partner
BSc Organisatiewetenschappen

Do you notice anything of your management experience in the work field?

Absolutely, during our management year our meetings sometimes lasted very long, at the time we also followed a training course in this. I still use this training to increase my effectiveness in meetings; I quickly notice when the same things are repeated during meetings but with different words each time, and I mention this.

I still think back to my year on the board with a lot of pleasure and love, this was without a doubt the most educational and fun year of my student life. We also still keep in touch, and in recent years we have visited Berlin, Glasgow, Middelburg, Antwerp and Prague together.

How did you end up at your current employer?

I started as a 16-year-old in the supermarket sector, where I was always able to learn a lot. After having worked at Albert Heijn for a while, I was approached to work at Jumbo as a branch manager, where I indicated that I was open to this, but that there was an expiry date for this position and that HR was my field of interest. Within a year, I was asked to apply for my current position.

What is the tip you would like to give to all students?

Enjoy your time as a student and learn as much as you can, celebrate successes and make mistakes.

As far as your work career is concerned, it helped me to clearly express my ambitions when applying for a job.

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