Raphaela Fritz

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Raphaela Fritz
Alumni since:
PhD Candidate at University Witten/Herdecke
MSc Organizing for Global Social Challenges

- How did you find your current job?

My current position as PhD Candidate and Research Assistant at the University, I got recommended by someone via LinkedIn. I applied for this position and had a job interview. Luckily, it worked out. 


- What is your best student memory?

Personal: Well, unfortunately I studied completely online due to the restrictions. But one day a fellow student came over and he was super tall. I could not see that through Zoom obviously. Ever since, I was always wondering about the height of lecturers and fellow students. Myself, I am also quite tall so I experienced the same, that people were surprised when they saw me the first time in person.  

The University did a good job in switching so fast to online education. For one course we played serious games. I liked this a lot because it made learning more interactive and fun. Furthermore, you feel the struggles and issues more realistic than just reading about it. You can trigger emotions really well with this approach to learning and I am glad that the university is also using these methods of teaching and learning.


- Why did you choose your master?

The GMSI programme sounded exactly like what I  was and am still aiming for: solving societal issues using management approaches. I truly believe in bottom-up change processes and hope to consult organisations how to move towards more sustainability.

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