Lily Theelen

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Lily Theelen
Alumni since:
Junior Organization Developer
BSc & MSc Organization Studies

How did you search for a job?

First I searched for interesting companies via the network I built up and drank some coffee with people I know. Also , by attending company days and other workshops during my studies, I was already acquainted with some companies I was interested in. Besides, I was looking for vacancies via websites such as or

What does a regular working day look like for you?

Normally, I would take the train to the client I now work for in Rotterdam and start the day with a coffee (or 3). Mostly, I work on different projects during one day, I would surely have a few meetings and I would lead one session for one of my projects. Once a week, I also have an hour of coaching with my own talent manager from the company. Next to that, I always make time to chat with my colleagues.

What advice do you have for current POLIS members?

Take your time to finish your studies and take every chance to develop yourself in the meantime. You have to work for almost your whole life, so enjoy this precious period as a student.

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