Joyce Martens

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Joyce Martens
Alumni since:
BSc & MSc Organization Studies

Best POLIS memory?

Making friends for life (and of course the stadhuisstraat Cantus during the POLIS lustrum week)!

What committees were you part of?

Promo, EC, AfterCom and the Symposium Committee!

What was your first job after graduation?

At first I worked as a team leader at Hema. It was not the job I studied for, but because I had worked there for over 5 years and because I was a member of the Works Council (ondernemingsraad), I didn't want to leave right away.

How did you search for a job?

I organized a 'job search' afternoon with my twin sister. She was looking for a part-time job and I was looking for my first real job. She ended up finding a job opening for 'account manager customer care' for me. Apparently it was funny that I applied for it, because they were looking for a customer care senior. Luckily, the company appreciated my enthusiasm and offered me a job as a consultant!

What is your current job and function?

I'm a consultant at a company that creates software for municipalities. I specialize in data analysis and data visualization and I help the municipalities work with the software.

What does your typical working day look like?

I drive to a municipality somewhere in the country (in my Seat Ibiza lease car!) and give the employees training in data analysis or data visualization.

Any advice for our current members?

Don't worry too much about your future working life. The fun definitely doesn't end after graduation!

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